SiRecognizer. The world's second best set of eyes.

SiRecognizer is the most advanced sight software specifically designed for the blind, visually impaired and dyslexic. It can read and speak in over 130 languages, recognizing text found on virtually any object. It can read from books and magazines, bottles and cans, TVs and LCD displays. Basically, anything. Whatever the surface, shape or angle, SiRecognizer sees and correctly recognizes the text. SiRecognizer comes in three configurations:

SiRecognizer Simple, world’s best OCR software;

SiRecognizer Complete, assures the best results thanks to a dedicated digital camera;

SiRecognizer Always, most advanced portable sight system in the world.

Easy to use thanks to sophisticated engineering

Developed specifically for the blind and sight-impaired, SiRecognizer is more accurate than any other OCR, delivering the best recognition thanks to seven different recognition strategies. Should the first recognition find areas with insufficient visibility, a second strategy is adopted without needing to acquire another image. And so on, for up to seven levels.

Unlike other more expensive readers, that only read simple and relatively small pieces of paper, SiRecognizer recognizes both flat and three dimensional objects, large or small. Thanks to a patented algorithm, SiRecognizer can read text found on any object, regardless of its shape, skew or perspective. Labels on cubic, conic or cylindrical products are all recognized easily and accurately.

SiRecognizer also works as a portable video magnifier. It speaks and recognizes more than 130 languages, including Russian and Greek. And it recognizes barcodes and colors. If connected to a scanner, SiRecognizer becomes an ultra advanced reading system, able to recognize table rich and complex pages.

SiRecognizer results are always excellent and can be saved in over 50 formats (txt, rtf, doc, xls, lit, wav, html, pdf, ebook, tiff, etc), not to mention hybrid formats created specifically for the visually impaired. These can be modified with any editor, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, permitting students to complete forms and questionnaires. SiRecognizer can save and print thanks to USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G HSDPA connectivity.

SiRecognizer also reads screenshots and non accessible PDF files, such as account balances, bills and e-newspapers. The text is automatically grouped together and tables become accessible through simple commands. SiRecognizer includes special tools for accessibility and dyslexia, such as hands free computer control (voice and head motion) and text to voice applications.

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