SiRecognizer Complete

SiRecognizer Complete assures you always get the best results. Additionally to the software, you get a digital camera which has been specifically tested and customized in order to ensure the most accurate reading on any surface or shape. The high resolution camera makes it possible for the software to read the entire spread of a large book with a single snapshot, and with a flash that never reflects, not even off shiny surfaces. SiRecognizer Complete also includes a screen reader with Braille support and superior speech synthesizers.

What's in the box

One CD containing SiRecognizer Complete with screen reader, superior voices and extras
One USB dongle for the SiRecognizer
Free updates for one year
One customized digital camera with bag, SD card, cables and accessories
One spare battery
One U-Stand


BarCode module
Handwriting recognition module (beta)
Arabic languages module (soon)
Asian languages module (soon)
PDF export module
Power adaptor for camera (alternative to batteries)
VGA frame grabber (beta)
Training session