SiRecognizer Always

The most advanced portable sight system in the world, SiRecognizer Always features a compact UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) running Windows XP. With the included high resolution digital camera, you can quickly photograph and recognize any object. Whether you’re in a class or in the library, at a bus stop or in the supermarket, SiRecognizer Always allows you to accurately read any text you find along the way, on any surface, under any lighting conditions with a flash that never reflects, not even off shiny surfaces.

SiRecognizer Always is a portable computer in its own right, allowing you to run any other Windows application you need. With SiRecognizer Always you also get a scanner, an USB keyboard, dozens of accessories and extra software, such as a screen reader and magnifier with Braille support, superior speech synthesizers, text to voice applications, hardware magnification tools and a real time handwriting recognition system. Additionally, you can get an extra license of SiRecognizer Complete for your home PC.

What's in the box

System bag with:
One UMPC with up to 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo processor, 80 GB hard disk, 1 GB ram, keyboard, organizer, cables and accessories
SiRecognizer Always with dedicated speech engine, real time handwriting recognition, screen reader and magnifier, superior voices and many other extras preinstalled on the UMPC
One CD containing SiRecognizer Complete with screen reader, superior voices and extras for your home PC
One USB dongle for the SiRecognizer
Free updates for one year
One customized digital camera with bag, SD card, cables and accessories
One dedicated scanner with cables and accessories
One spare battery
One U-Stand
One tripod
One mini USB hub


BarCode module
Second USB dongle (with limitations)
Hand Writing recognition module (beta)
Arabic languages module (soon)
Asian Languages Module (soon)
PDF Export Module
Power adaptor for camera (alternative to batteries)
VGA frame grabber (beta)
High quality or A3/Legal scanner
Training session