About us

ITEX is a company born in 2001, specializing in assistive technologies engineered and developed along with both the blind and sighted people, as members of one big family. An incubator of innovative ideas established to provide equal opportunities in the computer science world.

At the base of our work we place: experience, which is the foundation necessary to analyze all problems; innovation, with which we originate creative solutions; communication, which is necessary in order to contribute to scientific progress; and results, the vital ingredient for further research.


Our experience comes from the help of important partners in the editorial sector, e-commerce, corporate communication and from the disability community. Our solutions are currently used by the UIC – Italian Union for the Blind, the Municipality of Rome – Social and Health Politics, the University of Rome I° – “La Sapienza”, the INFN – National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Telecom Italy, Chrysler Italy, the CTS – Centre of Tourism for Students and Young Hearted, EuropCar and many others.


Since our very first year we have strongly invested in research and development. Every year, we double our efforts for the sake of innovation. We actively participate in the ADC Apple Developer Connection, with Open Source projects and at Microsoft MAPS.


We write for Italian Publishers Magazine, Comunicando and Large Format. Some of our work relating to Mathematical Analysis, Symbolic Recognition and Cryptography have been published in the academic world.

Newspapers, Magazines, Radios and TVs (i.e. Repubblica, La Stampa, Libero, L’Espresso, Panorama Economy, Repubblica Web, Libero Web, Il Corriere dell'Università, Spot&Web, Radio Luna and RAI Uno) wrote and discussed ITEX and its technologies.


Aside from economic growth, from 2001 we have always doubled our gross profits, our aim is to create new work opportunities for brilliant minds and to integrate the disabled (in collaboration with “Rosso Carminio ONLUS – Cooperative Society”).

Patronage & Technology Partners

Our work has been developed with the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome – Social and Health Politics and its Managing Advisor, Honourable Ileana Argentin, now memeber of the italian parliament.

We cooperate with the University of Rome I° – “La Sapienza”, the University of Rome II° – “Tor Vergata” and the University of Parma. Further contacts have been established with Universities from all over the world.